Hajia Bintu challenges Bhadie Kelly in this recent TikTok video.

Hajia Bintu, a TikTok star, is working hard to keep her throne safe on social media. It all started when a video posted by TikTok user Bhadie Kelly went viral. Bhadie Kelly was seen in the video wearing a tight mixed brown bodysuit while flirtatiously dancing to a viral TikTok song. Kelly has been trending on social media platforms since some Ghanaians discovered her channel and described her beauty as flawless.

“The funny thing is we’re not hyping her because of nyash or melon but the balance between all admirable female qualities. Never seen every feminine quality expressed in optimal range like this before. It’s unreal. Ethereal!” a tweep, @1real_stunna, said in a tweet that has gone viral

Hajia Bintu has taken on a ‘Kelly challenge’ in what appears to be a bid to remind Ghanaians of her existence and a favorite of many Ghanaian men on social media who droll over her crves that eventually made her famous.

The socialite released a new video in which she used the same music as Kelly in one of the trending videos. In the TikTok video, Hajia Bintu also showed off her crvs and dance moves.

She captioned the new video, which was posted four hours before this publication, “you people shouldn’t come for me ooo.” However, comments about Kelly have flooded the comment section on her post.

Check out her new Hajia Bintu video below;